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Episode 1
NZ Screening date 11 February 2004

Five city girls - Kristy, Alexa, Kate, Jo & Lou - are about to turn their backs on their Auckland existence for six weeks of farming in Onga Onga, Central Hawkes Bay - a grassroots community deep in the heartland of NZ.

There will be no contact with any urbanites, besides each other. No cellphones, no shopping malls, no cafés! This is the real thing! The girls selected for the farming challenge meet each other for the first time, when they are picked up at their Auckland homes, by nothing less than a stretch limo. The last taste of city life they experience before taking off to Onga Onga.

The girls arrive at Napier airport and one of the local farmers, Presto, has agreed to pick them up - but the amount of city girl luggage takes him by surprise! He manages to squeeze them all in his ute and off they go, into the night, on a windy road that takes them up towards the mountains to the farm they will be living on.

The girls arrive anxiously at the house, but they have nothing to be worried about - the house is warm, cosy and they think they can cope with only 3 bedrooms! Alexa very kindly offers the double room with the double bed to Lou.

The next day they head to the nearest town, 35km away, to pick some haute couture - farming style. You can't go mucking out the pigs in high heels and designer jeans!
Once they've got their farming fashions, they head back home, eager to explore the farm right outside their back door. But they are not ready for the shocking sights in store. As all the farmers say, "where there is livestock, there is deadstock!"

They come across a dead lamb in a freezing creek. They are all upset by this and Kristy's first thought is to say a prayer for it, but just around the corner is a huge pile of dead lambs, which really grosses them out! But Matt, the owner of the farm, turns up on his ATV with his little Jack Russell on the back. Seeing Arthur wagging his tail, cheers the girls up immensely.

The girls have an early start to their first day - 5.30am! Alexa, the gym bunny, is the only one who seems to cope with this time of day.

Lou and Alexa are working with Matt on his farm - learning to drive ATV's, finding dead lambs, loading a dead ewe onto the trailer, slitting the throat of a sick ewe.
While Jo, Kate & Kristy go to Presto's farm, a good 15 min drive away, to experience mothering on, caste ewes, slipped twins and tractor driving.

Well it's been an interesting start to farming life for the city girls - even the vegetarian, Jo has managed to survive! But do the Aucklanders really have any idea of what is in store for them over the next six weeks?

Can city girls really live in the city without the creature comforts of home?

Find out on the next episode of "City Girls" - Wednesday, 7.30pm TV2