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Episode 2
NZ Screening date 18 February 2004

The full reality of what the girls have taken on is only just starting to sink in.

The day kicks off with Lex proving that Pilates instructors take second place to nobody when it comes to slick rugby moves as she grabs a fleeing lamb with a superb flying tackle…Ongaonga First 15 recruiters take note!

Presto’s intrepid trio of Kate, Jo and Kristy discover just how seriously farming folk take dental care…too many gaps in a sheep’s smile means it has a hard time eating enough grub, and the job is to sort out which ewes get to keep mowing the lawn and which ones win a one way sight-seeing trip to the freezing works .

On Matt’s farm the dynamic duo of Lex and Lou have a wee lamb very much the worse for wear, name him Moses, and decide to do what they can to pull the little bloke back from the brink.

As the day winds down, the girls reconnect with one of the things that make City life worth living, as Lou provides her intrepid housemates with a well-earned pedicure as Kristy pitches in with some farm girl funk.
The peaceful end to the day is rudely shattered when they get a phone call telling them that they will be swapping farms tomorrow…Matt’s no-nonsense attitude to farming has his new recruits awaiting the morning with more than a few nerves!

Before turning in for the night Lou pays a last visit to Moses, the sick little lamb that she and Lex adopted earlier.

Morning comes and with it the sad news that the tiny lamb didn’t survive after all, and Lou puts its remains on a pile of similarly unfortunate lambs, known as the “Slinky Pile”.

After this start it is a reflective Lex, Lou and Jo who head off to Presto’s farm to get the day under way, just as Kristy and Kate get to grips (literally) with a sheep and its bearing. Kate convinces Matt to do something out of the ordinary and try to save this ewes life, but the pain that his “on-the-spot” surgery causes shocks the good Samaritans…and then to top it off the ewe’s ear gets a cut to indicate that she has suffered a bearing and will eventually go under the knife anyway.

Over at Presto’s place the rest of the team are having a much happier time as they are introduced to the mysteries of calf feeding by Annie, Presto’s wife, although no-one was warned about being bitten quite “there”…
Un-phased by the demise of Moses, Kristy tries again with a new adoption, this time called “Summer”

Presto’s team of Jo, Lex and Lou have to weigh some one-year-old bulls…Jo and Lou get the job of getting them through the gate one at a time while Lex mans the scales, and any lightweights will go to the stock agent. Lou tries her hand with the drenching gun and makes it look easy, so Lou has a go, with unfortunate results. With a wounded arm to match her pride Lou takes a backseat while the others finish the tagging.

Matt springs a surprise on Kate and Kristy when he tells them about their new pet, a pig.

Lex, Lou and Jo are still trying to get the bulls to see things their way, with mixed results as someone forgets the cardinal farming rule about shutting gates, and then does it again on a second gate…the bulls seize their chance and try to show the City Girls who is Boss…Lex has a close encounter with an angry bull but these girls don’t take bull from anybody!

After a pretty testing introduction to rural life the City Girls have earned a bit of a break, so Presto has allowed Jo, Lex and Lou the afternoon off , to get ready for their first social event…a trip to the Ongaonga pub. While the others prepare themselves for this, Kristy and Kate make the acquaintance of the newest addition to the household, Matt’s pig, and the girls decide that no pig is complete without a name, so Wilbur it is. Kate hasn’t quite realized that Wilbur is not meant to be a pet, but rather is a banquet in the making!

Andrew and Matt put Wilbur in a cage and hoist it on to the back of the girls ute, the plan falls down a bit when Kate and Kristy get back to the farm and have to enlist the help of the already dolled up girls to get Wilbur down off the back of the vehicle…happiness is somewhat lacking as the farming gear is dragged on once again.
The operation goes smoothly…not! The girls get an ear full of a genuinely stuck pig!

Changing back into the good gear the girls head off to their first meeting with the local community, but not before checking on little Summer, who seems to be hanging on where Moses gave up (but sadly, once again not for long).

At the pub Lou leads the charge and soon the place is humming as every male in the district seems to have stopped by tonight…coincidence surely?

The evening closes with the girls arriving back at the house having had perhaps one (or two, or five) too many, but a good time was had by all.