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Episode 6
NZ Screening date 17 March 2004

After the getaway weekend for most of the City Girls, and the brief return to Auckland for Lou, it is back to the daily grind of rural life for the intrepid Quintet.

Lex has the job of testing the voltage passing through Presto's electric fences to try and isolate a fault - a task
that may take her a while.

As Lex sets out across the high country, Jo is about to
tackle the pongiest job going on Pauls dairy farm, dealing with months old stuff that gives off an odour that is not easily fact the stuff smells so bad that Paul reckons that it would go down a treat as a delicacy in Auckland!

Away from the pleasures of the colostrum tank, Kristy joins up with Jo and Paul to have a go at de-horning calves. Paul explains that the calves will not feel any pain during the operation itself, and only a bit sore in the morning. Jo does one and that is her lot, and Kristy is more than willing to leave this bit of fun to the experts.

Back at Presto's Lex has traced the problem with the electric fence to its source, once again, well done City Girl!

The farmers give the City Girls a break from farming for the weekend so they can sample one of the regions biggest annual events, the Royal New Zealand Show. The City Girls have been entered in the dog trials, and after much toing and froing the City Girls not only defeat the wily sheep, but do it in under the allotted time, which manages to impress the if there was ever any doubt!

The City Girls are off to the 12,500 ha Agricultural College - Smedley, and, as the mode of transport around the station is the horse, Lou feels anxiety building.

In the end, Smedley turned out to be a great time for all concerned, but now the City Girls face another uniquely rural challenge, for they are entered in the Porangahau
Feral Food Festival, and decide to make rabbit pizza and smoked eel balls. The tricky part being
that they not only have to make the meal, but first they have to get the ingredients, and there is no going to the local supermarket for this event.

The resourceful City Girls return from a successful eeling expedition, with Lex proving that she was just fooling with the pistols and shotguns...she is an ace with eels!

Matt offers to help find the missing bunny ingredient for the City Girls Feral Food Festival culinary creations, and it is Lou who dispatches a really good size hare in one of Matt's pest infested paddocks. The goods assembled, the City Girls get to work on their respective master-pieces, with Kate and Jo handling the transformation of bunny into pizza, while Kristy and Lex are smoking the eel balls.

At the Festival the meals go down a treat, although the jury is still out on the commercial viability of brown bait fritters, with the main ingredient being worms!

After the fun at Porangahau Paul takes the Girls off to experiment with the sport of Blo-Carting, with Kate proving to be the winner of the day, and a great time was had by all.